Friday, July 15, 2011

Ginger halva

Here comes a new variety of halva.
The main ingredients for this halva are as follows:

1) Ginger
2) Dates
3) Jaggery
4) Ghee
5) Cashew Nut

Step 1: Peel of the outer skin from ginger and cut it into fine pieces.
Step 2: Now, grind this ginger pieces into juice by adding a good quantity of water. Add wanted amount of date fruits to this and grind even the dates with the ginger juice.
Step 3: Next, filter the juice and take the ginger juice(without extract) in a bowl.
Step 4: Place a pan over the gas and pour this juice into tat pan.
Step 5: Meanwhile, pour some amount of water to the jaggery and boil it.
Step 6: Filter this content too.(There might be some stones or unwanted particles in the jaggery. It may affect the taste and also unhygienic)
Step 7:  The ginger juice in the pan would be boiling, add this jaggery soup onto the boiling juice and keep stirring it.
Step 8: When the content comes into a semi solid consistency, add few amount of ghee and continue stirring.
Step 9: Meanwhile, fry the cashew nuts in the ghee and make it ready.
Step 10: Now, along with ghee add this fried cashews, stir for some five minutes and serve it.

Tasty Ginger halva is now ready............